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  1. Travel to Vietnam and discover traditional Tet Holiday

    01/13/11 03:16:50 | 0 Comments

    The lunar calendar shows that Tet is coming, and from now until then, all things are Tet. The streets are Tet, the talk is Tet, the thoughts are Tet, the shopping is Tet, it's a Tet world in Vietnam right now and everybody knows it.

    Tet is the most cherished time of the year in Vietnam. It is when the cities empty out and thousands go back to the countryside where they were born. City dwellers often...
  2. Vietnam on a shoestring

    12/27/10 10:01:21 | 0 Comments

    With places to stay along the coastal highway like the historical city of Hue with its famous royal citadel, and Hoi An, a world heritage site that sparkles of an evening with countless lanterns seeing Vietnam from the north-south highway is a great way to go. Lying on the beach costs nothing and there are plenty of people who are happy to stay in a heritage site like Hoi An and cycle each morning to the beach. Lunch can be had on the beach for no more than a dollar or two. Of an...
  3. Traveling in Southeast Asia With a Rock-Star Baby

    12/23/10 02:36:36 | 0 Comments

    SOON after landing in Ho Chi Minh City, we started to understand the implications of what we’d undertaken when our baby disappeared. At...