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  1. Cruising Halong Bay To Enjoy Your Summer Holiday

    04/15/11 10:28:42 | 0 Comments

    Are you planning your summer vacation now? Come abroad and discover Halong Bay in style this summer with us for a memorable holiday.
    We offer wooden traditional...
  2. Amazing Cave – Amazing Halong Bay

    12/13/10 04:52:34 | 0 Comments

    Situated in the centre of the UNESCO World Heritage area, Sung Sôt or “Amazing Cave” is on Bo Hòn Island, and is one of the most spectacular and largest grottoes of Ha Long Bay. The mouth of the grotto is reached by ascending about a hundred stone steps. One is surrounded by trees and foliage on the journey up as the shimmering bay below offers an ever more panoramic vista to admire.  
  3. When you cruise Halong Bay, do it in style. This is the way, the only way!

    12/08/10 09:18:30 | 0 Comments

    Halong bay is one of the most beautiful and impressive sights in Vietnam. In order to truly explore the beauty and peacefulness of halong bay and not get trapped with the other hundreds of tourists that go there every day, treat yourself to a cruise on Indochina Sails, preferably Valentine (Indochina Sails' smallest boat with only 5 cabins).  
  4. Indochina Sails attends Luxury Travel Market in France and International Travel Trade in Spain

    11/26/10 07:30:32 | 0 Comments

    Indochina Sails announce to attend Luxury Travel Market in Cannes, France from Dec 6th to 9th 2010 and International Travel Trade Fair in Madrid, Spain from Jan 19th to 23rd, 2011 to promote the newest and biggest luxury cruise in Ha Long Bay named Indochina Sails Premium. It is grand opening in Nov 2010. Indochina Sails is the first and biggest company to offer luxury overnight cruises on the bay. Indochina Sails is now widely known as the number one choice for discerning...
  5. So long Halong

    11/05/10 09:25:27 | 0 Comments

    Halong Bay is one of the “must visit” tourist sites in Vietnam. It was used in as a location in a James Bond film (Tomorrow Never Dies) and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. I’m not saying I’ve been spoiled on my sabbatical, but it is now my standard policy that I don’t visit anywhere that isn’t a World Heritage Site and preferably somewhere which...