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  1. Cruising Halong Bay To Enjoy Your Summer Holiday

    04/15/11 10:28:42 | 0 Comments

    Are you planning your summer vacation now? Come abroad and discover Halong Bay in style this summer with us for a memorable holiday.
    We offer wooden traditional...
  2. Halong Bay - Stunning, serene, must see!

    03/11/11 09:29:15 | 0 Comments

    The highlight of the trip was a visit to Ha Long Bay. I chose Indochina Cruises, as though more expensive, apparently gave a better itinerary It was absolutely amazing. A bus picks you up from the hotel around 8am and then expect a 4 hour drive to the port. The bus is air conditioned and not too cramped. A short stop is made about half way through the journey and you are welcomed aboard with a bottle of water. I booked...
  3. Enjoying Ha Long Bay, vs “Doing” Ha Long Bay

    03/05/11 03:53:09 | 0 Comments

    We went all-out on our cruise of Ha Long Bay (in Vietnam). We figured it’s once in our life, and the difference between all-out and just OK was less than a hundred dollars a day for 3 days. In the scheme of my life, there are lots of places I waste...
  4. Vietnam Highlights – From North to South

    02/25/11 02:48:49 | 0 Comments

    Vietnam is one of those countries that unfortunately carries with it an air of preconceived misconception and is unfairly dismissed by many as a country that is not practical to visit, and indeed does not want to be visited. This, however, could not be further from the truth. This post will hopefully not only dispel many of these myths, but also highlight why Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries I have had the pleasure of...
  5. Halong Bay regarded as one of 2011′s hot spots

    02/15/11 03:24:58 | 0 Comments

    Travel experts have revealed their tips for the year on The Australian. Halong Bay in Vietnam is regarded as one of top spots for those on the fly. Neil Rodgers, head of marketing, Adventure World said: “The best-value destination is Vietnam. Adventure World has already seen an increase of 36 per cent on last year’s booking numbers. Fast-growing value-for-money destinations include Burma and The Philippines.”