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  1. Exploring the Islands of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

    08/19/10 03:07:12 | 0 Comments

    Legend says Ha Long Bay was formed by a Mother Dragon and her children, sent by the Jade Emperor to protect the Viet from foreign invaders. The dragons flocked from Heaven, spitting out pearls which formed small islands and stopped the invaders and destroyed their ships. Mother Dragon and her children didn’t return to Heaven after the battle, but settled into the bay; the Mother Dragon forming Ha Long Bay and the children forming Bai Tu Long. Exploring the islands of Ha Long Bay...
  2. Houseboating Vietnamese style in Halong bay, Vietnam

    07/27/10 07:49:07 | 0 Comments

    Hey again.  We have some time before we catch our overnight train so I thought I would update a bit. So here we go!!

    Indochina Sails in Halong bay, Vietnam

    Today we got picked up by our private, air conditioned bus (I love organized tours) and drove for three hours to Halong Bay. ...
  3. A Journey Around the Islands in Halong Bay, Vietnam

    06/03/10 04:46:13 | 0 Comments

    Halong Bay in Vietnam, named after the local resident monster, has a rich cultural imagination in tune with its abundant natural beauty.

    Halong bay viewWhen a famous expanse of water is named after a resident monster, one would do well to watch out for its mood swings: serene can turn sinister, tranquil can become tempestuous....