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  1. Aesthetic value of Halong Bay Vietnam

    03/22/11 07:32:09 | 0 Comments

    Ha Long Bay is a wonderful artistic work of Nature, a harmonious mixture of sculpture and painting, with huge strength and romantic grace. It is not a still life. Instead, its appearance and color change with the times and create unusual images when looked at from different angles, very attractive to visitors. Former Prime Minister Pham Van Dong visiting Ha Long Bay once remarked: "Is this a landscape or a painting? Is it a...
  2. Halong Bay - Traveling new wonders of the world

    02/11/11 07:20:12 | 0 Comments

    Traveling in Vietnam from the South to the North, visiting beautiful, historical or just interesting places I could not skip one place, that world-wide travelers started calling as one of the new nature wonders of the world! I am talking about Ha Long bay, the most beautiful bay in the world with it's crazy scenic rock formations, misty Mornings and incredible views. Ha Long bay is a UNESCO world heritage site...